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Button Hook and Zipper Pull

 Eliminates the pain and frustration that comes from pull buttons. The non-slip handle provides a comfortable secure grip to support seniors who want to dress and live independently. 


  • Fit for any size of button, the button hook makes dressing hassle free, perfect for those with limited dexterity and suffering from arthritis or carpal tunnel. And also help dress and undress easily in clothes with back zippers and buttons
  • When you hold the handle, the ribbed will massage the palm well and promote palm blood circulation.The button hook has a flexible ribbed handle to provide a comfortable, non-slip grip. Perfect for arthritic hands, the latex-free cushioned handle to give extra comfort and greater control when pull buttons or zipping pants, jackets or other clothes.
  • The button hook is an essential tool for anyone suffering from limited dexterity and live independently. The non-slip, extra wide handle is extremely easy to grip and has been designed to facilitate an effortless grip. Our slim wire and smart hook design make the process of navigating through the buttonhole and securing the hook around the button as simple as possible.

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