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C-Pen ReaderPen

C-Pen ReaderPen is a reading pen with monolingual dictionaries providing word definitions. Supports independent reading and learning. 


  • Reads text out aloud using the built-in speaker or attachable headphone jack.
  • Looks up and reads out definitions of words.
  • Scans and stores text internally as well as scans to a computer.
  • A voice recorder for memos and to develop vocabulary and pronunciation.

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Example of Uses

Anna is visually impared, which makes reading extreamly difficult if not imposible. They use the C-Pen to help with her job, reading reciepes, and checking her mail allowing her to live more idependently because she doesn’t need someone reading these items allowed to her.


Chris is not a native english speaker. They are quite proficient with speaking and listening to english, but they struggle when it comes to reading. Chris uses their C-Pen to help with school and to help them learn how to read english better. 

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