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Google Nest Hub

Use voice to control your environment: Control shades, appliances, lights, thermostat , create to-do lists, review menus, set reminders, listen to music and a lot more. While also being able to be shown important information. 


  • Google Nest Hub can act as a smart home hub to control compatible devices like lights, locks, and more. It even controls Zigbee devices without needing additional hub hardware.
  • Tap to Google lets you interact with Google using touch instead of voice. On Google nest hub devices and android tablets, use Tap to google to engage with Google without speaking and instead touching on-screen tiles or an on-screen keyboard.

Smart Home Location


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Example of Uses

Ana gets migraines and this causes her to have difficulties with lighting in her home. She is able to tell her voice Assistant to dim her lights when she is having migraines so she can try and get them under control while still being able to see her surroundings without exasperating her Migraines.


Bobby wants to turn his bedroom lights to a more calming color to help with his Anxiety. Bobby is also able to use his smart assistant to turn the lights off once he lays down in bed allowing for him to get in bed safely before turning the lights off.

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