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Strattec Advanced Logic RTS Biometric Lock

Can use thumbprint to unlock door. Several fingerprints can be programed into the lock allowing different people access
to the home without having to remember codes or keys when you leave home.


  • Allow someone with difficulty with keys (using or losing) to access the home without them.
  • Open your door with a handle rather than a knob giving an individual with limited dexterity or mobility the ease of entering their home.
  • Give pins for specific individuals, set up schedules based on time of day and day of the week for scheduled control to limit when support staff can enter the home

Smart Home Location


*Actual Prices may be different from the prices listed

Example of Uses

Jimmy often loses their keys. They also have difficulty when using a key to unlock the door. With the Biometric lock, they now have a finger lock so when they arrive home from work they are able to use their fingerprint and unlock their door without worrying about a key.


Bobby has a lot of support staff that enter their home regularly, rather than making keys for everyone, they create profiles with unique codes for everyone so Bobby and their family can keep track of who and when they enter Bobby’s home.