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Toshiba Smart Sensor Countertop Microwave

Smart Countertop Microwave integrated with Alexa and using an echo device brings convenience by allowing hands free operation by voice command or app control


  • Preset menus include popular foods like popcorn, potato, pizza, vegetable, and more.
  • The humidity sensor automatically adjusts cooking power to achieve optimum heating and easier cooking.
  • The microwave is controlled through voice function and Alexa, keeping your hands free and engaged in more important tasks. 

Smart Home Location


*Actual Prices may be different from the prices listed

Example of Uses

Ana struggles with dexterity in their hands, making it difficult to press the buttons on a microwave, however they are able to use their voice and Alexa to heat up leftovers or to make popcorn for movie night. 


Bobby doesn’t know how long to heat up his food, so he’s able to either ask Alexa or use the integrated humidity sensor to make sure they don’t over cook their food.